High quality Bamboo Blinds

100% natural

    Here’s some fun facts about bamboo. In addition to making beautiful window treatments, bamboo can grow as fast as 36” in one day! This eco-friendly plant is the primary food for pandas and grows faster than is currently being harvested.  Bamboo is therefore  a sustainable resource . If it’s panda approved, environmentally friendly and can be woven into exotic fabrics for bamboo blinds and shades, don’t you think you should consider it for your window shades?  When you choose Bamboo Blinds, you make an ecological contribution that reduces demands for precious woods and help to save our rainforests.

    A bamboo roman shade can provide excellent light control and comes in both corded and cordless styles. You don’t need to be an interior designer to pick a beautiful bamboo window shade or woven wood blind. Give us a call and we can walk you through the fabric choices, explain options like cordless, corded or continuous cord loop.  We’ll even walk you through measuring your window frame for a perfect fit. In addition to saving you money over local stores our shades come with a limited lifetime warranty and will give you years of enjoyment. Besides, Bamboo Blinds have the potion of addtional backing, to get full weather protection or addtional privacy.